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Best Way to Store Throw Pillows and Bed Pillows! – 24 Easy Tips!

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best way to store throw pillow

Throw pillows and bed pillows can really make your house feel like a home. Unfortunately, when spare, they can stack up and become a source of clutter. To avoid this, discovering the best ways to store throw pillows is essential for maintaining a tidy and organized space. A dedicated pillow storage bag designed for storing pillows may be the best choice if you have a lot of them that you don’t wear all the time.

These convenient bags have a zippered seal to keep pillows clean while remaining dust-free all year. You may use these silo-shaped storage bags to put seasonal or unnecessary extra pillows that would not be used on a regular basis.

Polyester Filled Pillow Storage

Pillow storage for polyester filled pillows. One of the most convenient and simplest ways to store your throw pillows and bed pillows is with a pillow storage bag. These are meant to support pillows, and they typically feature a closure to help keep out dust and moisture. It can be ideal for seasonal pillows or everyday pillows when you have more on hand than usual.

Down Pillow Storage

It is crucial that down or feather pillows be stored correctly so that their fluffiness and shapes are maintained over time. Opt for storage bags or containers that allow air to circulate throughout them, as these materials require freshening up regularly. Avoid squeezing too much, as this practice can harm the feathers or down puffs.

Maintaining a tidy, organized home can be quite a challenge, especially for home decor enthusiasts and minimalists who love to adorn their spaces with a variety of throw pillows and bed pillows.

“Do you worry about your collection being stylish and neat at the same time? There is a solution in sight. This listicle presents 24 creative and practical storage solutions that will help you keep your pillows organized while complementing your overall decor.

One of the best ways to store throw pillows is by using vacuum-sealed bags. These compressible bags make sure that pillows are safe from dust or dampness during storage while saving storage space. For decorative throw pillows that are used seasonally, consider clear plastic bins with lids. Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations where we need to find particular things from our storage areas without even opening anything. Well, bins allow us do just that while still ensuring that rooms remain clean an organized.

Another of the best ways to store throw pillows is by using under-bed storage containers. If you have a small apartment and want to maintain order and access your pillows more easily then these containers aren’t option. If you have a linen closet, stacking your pillows on the top shelf is another practical option. Be sure to place them in breathable cotton bags to prevent any musty odors from developing.

Plus, we’ll share seven essential tips for storing your throw pillows and bed pillows to ensure they stay fresh and pest-free. By following these tips, you can maintain both the appearance and longevity of your pillows, contributing to a more organized and aesthetically pleasing living space.

24 Best Way to Store Throw Pillows and Bed Pillows

In this article, we’ll explore 25 innovative and practical ways to store throw pillows and bed pillows. Whether you’re looking to declutter, save space, or simply keep your pillows in pristine condition, these storage solutions will provide you with a range of options to suit any home.

1. Linen Closet

best ways to store throw pillows

   – Why not add a dash of class to your bedding with a vintage linen closet? All you need to do is allocate some part of your linen closet to those pillowcases you cherish. Storing them neatly stacked with ease of reach can be an advantage for you.

You will then place the bigger bed pillows on the top while the smaller throw pillows below. Through the application of scented ‘sachets’, a pleasant scent will persist with the pillows.

2. Trunk or Chest

best ways to store throw pillows

   – Both a trunk or a chest is used as a decorative item and also for storage. Place a fabric lining or a cedar lining inside to keep your cushions free from dirt and insects. It is best suited for wider living spaces or bedrooms where the trunk can also be used as a bench or as a table.

3. Baskets

best ways to store throw pillows

    – Throw pillows can be stored neatly using ornamental baskets which have the benefit of being both stylish and functional. These baskets come in different sizes and are made from different materials; such that some can be placed in living rooms while others are more suitable for bedrooms or closets.

Such baskets can help you easily retrieve your pillows hence improving how you decorate your apartment. To inject a touch of rustic or boho-chic vibe, choose woven or wicker baskets.

4. Dresser Drawers

best ways to store throw pillows

    – Assign a dresser drawer or many for pillow storage. You can keep your pillows right within hand’s reach hidden properly away; this approach is very prudent for spare pillows especially in guest rooms that you choose to designate.

Once stored, either wrap them up neatly to be inserted such that there’d be more room left for other items such as clothes while foldedness saves even more.

5. Shelving Unit

best ways to store throw pillows

    – A shelving system provides different possibilities to keep cushions. An organized and eye-catching exhibit can be created with open shelves laden with pillows. It’s a method that can be employed in wardrobes, living rooms or along hallways.

You should employ shelf partitions (such) that pillows will not be mixed up while at the same time keeping them in perfect order; thus they won’t fall down at all.

6. Under the Bed

under the bed

   – You can minimize your storage needs for the pillows by making use of the space under your bed with containers or bags which are purposeful in nature and designed specifically to fit there. It allows for reduced pillow concentration onsite yet it is easy to get them when needed.

You can opt for containers wheeled thus hassle-free to pull out or pick as necessitated. It works better on pillows used only seasonally.

7. Space-Saver Bags

Best Way to Store Throw Pillows

   – You can use space-saving bags to compress pillows, reducing the number of items, menu and conserving storage space. Dust, moisture, and harmful organisms are kept out by these airproof containers. She can keep those bags unscrewed until her next usage period starts if 3 days are over.

8. Closet Shelves

closet shelves

   – There are many ways which pillows can be stored best in a household, but one of these is by the use of a closet shelf, and it requires being straightened out in order to prevent them from falling off.

Some people use shelf dividers or bins to separate various pillows while others mark those containers where each category of those items falls – hence labeling that goes by tagging the shelves or bins for easy identification and access. “Closet shelves can be an effective storage solution for pillows, keeping them clean and organized.

Use shelf dividers or bins to separate different types of pillows and prevent them from falling over. Label the shelves or bins for easy identification and access.”

9. Vacuum Sealed Bags

Vacuum Sealed Bags

   – It is amazing how vacuum-sealed pillow bags and maintaining an extra set of sheets within the pillow bag can significantly increase your hosting skills.

10. Storage Ottoman

Storage Ottoman

   – A storage ottoman is dual effective for sitting and storing things; best for keeping cushions in the living room as well as in the bedroom. Look at such an ottoman whose design matches that of your sitting room before deciding on which should be used because it also gives enough space for your throw pillows.

Therefore, by so doing you will avoid having them scattered all over your house hence maintaining orderliness.

11. Bed Drawers

bed drawers

    – There might be beds whose bedsheets have drawers you can keep pillows at. In that way, pillows do not show, though they can be accessed.

This design is most suitable for tiny bedrooms having no space left over; such that a person does not have to walk looking for their pillow in those kinds of rooms.

12. Laundry Room Cabinets

Laundry Room Cabinet

   – If you have any pillows that are currently not being used, the laundry room cabinets provide good storage solution for them. To keep them safe and clean from detergent house of chemicals, you need to ensure that they are kept on the upper selves or inside the shelves.

If you want to keep your pillows in an organized manner, try out this storage approach that people rarely think about.

13. Wicker Trunk

wicker trunk

      – Any room can get more rustic if a wicker trunk is included which will have enough space to store pillows. The inside of the trunk should be protected from dust and dirt by lining it with fabric.

Thereby pillows will remain organized and what is more important it is highly possible its arrangement can be a good decorative element for the room.

14. Storage Shelf for Seasonal Pillows

Storage Shelf for Seasonal Pillows

    – Designate a shelf for storing pillows that are for different seasons. This way they will be kept neat and you can switch them around when necessary just as it should be done.

Put up signs of every season on each of your shelves or baskets so that you are able to locate your pillows more quickly when you need to change them.

15. Built-in Drawers

build in drawers

    – Pillows are stored in the custom made built-in drawers that can be found in the bedroom, or living room, ensuring they remain neat and ready for use at all times. Its primary aim is to store pillows safely, within the existing clutter-free environment at all times, moreover providing them for an easy reach.

16. Under-Bed Storage Compartment

Under Bed Storage Compartment

    – Use under-bed storage spaces deliberately designed to store the bedding, and pillows. These storage compartments will keep your items safe and organized. utilize this method for setting large bedroom area especially in small rooms which have restricted additional storage options.

17. Wicker Basket

wicker basket

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18. Glass-Front Cabinet

best ways to store throw pillows

     – A stylish way to store and display pillows is provided by a glass-front cabinet. The dust free pillow is maintained by the glass doors while allowing you to see inside. In living rooms or bed rooms, this technique adds decorum to your storage solution.

19. Heavy-Duty Storage Bins

heavy duty storage bins

      – Basements or attics are perfect for keeping your pillows in heavy duty storage bins. The bins keep moisture, pests, and dust off your pillows so they still look new. To make it easy to know what is inside each bin and for organization purposes, label them then pile one on another so as to use minimum storage space.

20. Wooden Chest

wooden chest

      – To protect the pillows from dust, you should use fabric for the inside of the wooden case. You can put up some lovely cloth or papers over its inner surfaces and rub or clean such materials against it if they gather any dirt anyhow until they get clean again – this way even when kids spill juice; there will be no permanent marks left on their desks ever!

21. Footboard Storage

best ways to store throw pillows

      – “In a few beds, the footboard features a built-in storage compartment for keeping pillows. What this means is that a person can easily access their pillows even though they are hidden from view. With this, the bedroom will always look neat and one shall always have additional pillows available to them.”

22. Walk-in-Closet

best ways to store throw pillows

      – Paper stuffing uses more space than storage boxes. Partition by size, type or season using those shelves, bins or drawers. In the outcome, that organization approach ensures both an ordered wardrobe and quick accessibilities for every kind of pillow stored.

23. Trash Bags

Trash bag

    – Although it is not a very classy way of doing things, trash bags can be a good choice for use in storing some pillows in on a temporary basis. Before putting the pillows inside them, make sure that the bags are clean and dry so as to keep off dust and dirt from sticking into them.

This way is applicable especially during movement or when you need to keep them for sometime before disposal.

24. Cardboard Moving Boxes

Cardboard Moving Boxes

    – Covering pillows in cardboard boxes during movement is a clever idea. Better still, the pillow should be wrapped in a clean paper or plastic inside the box in order to prevent dirt penetration. The carton box should also be tagged to indicate what is inside the given container; alternatively, the boxes should be arranged properly.

You can keep your throw pillows and bed pillows in excellent condition, organized, and easily accessible using these twenty-four storage solutions. Each method has its own advantages and you can pick the best one that fits your space and demands.

Best Way To Store Throw Pillows – Seven Tips

1. Choose a Proper Container

Ensure the container is clean, dry, and of adequate size to prevent squishing.

2. Do Not Force Pillows to Fit into a Container

Overstuffing can cause damage to the pillows’ shape and fabric.

3. Do Not Store Linens in Warm and Moist Places

Choose a cool, dry place to prevent mold and mildew.

4. Do Not Seal Linens in Plastic Bags That Are Not Vacuum Bags

Non-vacuum plastic bags can trap moisture, leading to mold growth.

5. Do Not Leave Pillows and Linens Uncovered

Use covers or containers to protect pillows from dust and pests.

6. Do Not Put Delicate Linens on Rough Surfaces

Store delicate items on smooth surfaces to prevent snags and tears.

7. Keep Your Storage Pest-Free

Regularly inspect storage areas for pests and use repellents if necessary.

How to Keep Pillows Fresh

Air Them Out: Regularly air out your pillows to prevent mustiness.

Use Pillow Protectors: Invest in good-quality pillow protectors to keep pillows clean.

Clean Regularly: Follow care instructions to wash your pillows and keep them fresh.

How to Dispose of Old Pillows

Recycle: If your local recycling facility has this service, you can see if some old pillows are taken for some other use

Donate: Charitable organizations and animal shelters often accept donations of lightly used pillows. Make sure to clean them before donating.

Compost: If your pillows are made of natural materials, they can be composted instead of thrown away.

Last Resort: If your pillows are beyond repair or donation, then it’s time to dispose of them. Most local waste management companies accept old pillows for landfill disposal.

Patching UP

Pillows may seem like simple items, but their proper storage and care can extend their lifespan and keep them fresh for years to come. With these storage options and tips, you can effectively organize and protect your pillows while also creating a tidy living space.

One of the best ways to store throw pillows is by using vacuum-sealed bags. For the sake of saving space and preventing dust or moisture from damaging them, use such bags to squeeze your pillows; alternatively, store seasonal decorative throw pillows in clear lidded bins hence keeping your store neat and well arranged. That way, it’s easier to locate them especially when they are placed underneath; this also makes these bins look organized as well which helps the person who is locating what he/she needs.

Another best way to store throw pillows you can use under-bed storage containers instead. In addition under bed storage containers are ideal where there is less space and you would like to be able to reach your pillows easily. These containers are perfect for homes with limited space and keep your pillows easily accessible. If you have a linen closet, stacking your pillows on the top shelf is another practical option. Be sure to place them in breathable cotton bags to prevent any musty odors from developing.

When it’s finally time to say goodbye to old pillows, remember to consider recycling or donating them instead of just throwing them in the trash. Many animal shelters accept pillow donations for bedding. Alternatively, pillows can be repurposed as stuffing for DIY projects or even used in gardening as kneeling pads.

By taking proper care of our belongings, we not only save money but also reduce waste and contribute to a more sustainable environment. So, next time you’re tempted to throw away an old pillow, think about ways to repurpose or recycle it instead. With a little creativity and the right storage solutions, your pillows can stay fresh and functional for years to come.

#Happy organizing!

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